Your Cell Phone Tracking Solution

Safely monitor your children and employees.

How It Works
  • Parents

    Parents, we don’t live in a safe world. Protect Your kids!

    Do you know what your child is doing with their cell phone? Monitor your child’s activities from anywhere. If you are concerned about your child’s cell phone or tablet use and want to protect your loved ones from unsafe sites, questionable calls and text messages, and restricted activities, now you can. Parents, we don’t live in a safe world. Protect your kids.

  • Employers

    Prevent productivity losses and protect business data

    Nearly 80% of employers worry about employees wasting time at work or compromising business secrets. With stakes that high, you can’t afford to ignore employee behavior. Autoforward allows you to monitor staff behavior and protect valuable intellectual property. Don’t let employees “text away” their time at work — at least not on your payroll.

Autoforward Features:

  • SMS Text Messages

    Message transcript, phone number (sent and received), date and time of the message exchange.

  • Email

    Simply log in to your control panel and read and filter every e-mail message.

  • Photo and Video Logs

    You can save every photo and video sent and received on other devices.

  • Contacts

    Now you can review all contacts new and old from the target phone.

  • Mobile Usage

    See the user's mobile usage by recorded data of all internet consumption.

  • Lock Target phone

    Send command code to lock the target phone from another device.

  • Notes

    Now you can review memos to ensure employees are not making notes.

  • Calendar

    You can review all calendar events to make sure your employee has nothing planned during business hours.

  • Call History

    Easy to delete call logs (history of calls) after every conversation.

  • GPS Logs

    Our GPS feature can help with frequent updates and precise location information.

  • Website Visits

    Review every site visited, including URL, frequency of access, and a snapshot of the websites visited.

  • WhatsApp

    Every conversation, every file, every activity that occurs on the target phone.

  • Custom Alert

    Get immediate alerts and notifications via SMS or email for any profanity.

  • Twitter

    Record every tweet, favorite and retweet that is coming from the target phone.

  • LineChat

    Record every conversation, file, and chat that occurs on the target phone.

  • WeChat

    Record every message, chat and activity that occurs on the target phone.

If you’re asking yourself, “What is the best cell phone spyware?,” you need to download our software for spying on cell phones.

In this day and age, it is sometimes necessary to install software for spying on cell phones. Whether you are a parent trying to protect your children from dangerous situations or you are an employer trying to protect your company's important assets, you should consider downloading the software that we have available. One of the best things about our product is that you don’t need a computer to install or use the application; you just need to have access to both your phone and the phone you wish to monitor in order to get things up and running. Our software offers a wide range of features, including the ability to serve as an SMS tracker on iPhone devices, record all types of messages sent and received, and report the phone's location. Stop asking yourself “What is the best cell phone spyware?” and simply start using Autoforward today!

Our EXCLUSIVE Master Mobile App allows you to monitor every supported action on the target phone DIRECTLY from your own mobile phone or tablet. You DO NOT need a computer to install or use our powerful and easy to use software. Simply install the app and start monitoring on the go! No matter where you are! Physical access to the phone you want to monitor is required for installation.

Mary – Buloxi, MS

My daughter send and receives over 6000 text messages a month! With Autoforward I was able to see every single one of them!